weekend in Paris


As we speak, it’s after midnight in London. I’m snuggled in bed giving my feet a glorious break from traipsing around the most beautiful city in the world. Despite my chronic foot pain, my whole heart is so happy.

Experiencing this weekend in Paris was surreal, an out of body experience. I had to share some iPhone pics before a full post next week. These make me too happy to not share.

20140224-011921.jpg 20140224-011934.jpg 20140224-011943.jpg 20140224-012005.jpg 20140224-012017.jpg 20140224-012033.jpg 20140224-012046.jpg 20140224-012105.jpg 20140224-012116.jpg 20140224-012205.jpg 20140224-012217.jpg 20140224-012229.jpg 20140224-012240.jpg 20140224-012309.jpg 20140224-012342.jpg 20140224-012319.jpg 20140224-012353.jpg

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