travels abroad: paris part one

Paris, you’re a dream. Flying into London, then hopping onto a train to Paris was a whirlwind. The whole time my thoughts were rotating between, “I cannot believe this is happening,” “This is not real,” and “How can one city be so beautiful.” Pure denial the whole time.

Even looking back, my brain questions the reality of this trip. It was a blur, a beautiful, beautiful blur. I’m so grateful for the pictures. The many, many pictures. The original plan was to do one post for Paris and two for London, but after looking through my camera, I have 3X the amount of images from my weekend trip. It totally blows my mind that happened, but I suppose it’s a pretty big testament to the beauty that city contains.

paris photosparis photosparis photos paris photos paris flowers paris doors paris doors paris doors paris doorsI did some serious crushing on doors. Paris has the most beautiful, ornate doors!paris streets paris flowers paris photos lock bridgeI was cheesin’ and being a total cornball. J and I made a lock before I left to put on the bridge. paris lock bridge paris lock bridge paris lock bridgeI’m telling you-one big ball of lock bridgeIf you squint your eyes and look really hard you can find the “J&S” among these lovers
parisBackground lady totally got in on the photo action
paris booksparis chapelparis streets paris streets
paris streets I thought this was totally adorable, until I figured out it translates to “Love is Dead.” Lovely.

Next week, I’m going to recap our actual itinerary because Bri is a tour guide genius, and I think it’s worth sharing everywhere we went and what days. I’ll do one for London and Paris. This trip was ideal because it was planned so perfectly.
paris streets

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3 thoughts on “travels abroad: paris part one

  1. Gorgeous pictures! I traveled to Paris when I was in highschool and wish I could go back… I would appreciate it so much more this time around. Hopping over to read about your itinerary!

    1. Thanks Colleen! I’m going to FINALLY post a good update of our itinerary next week. Every time I’ve gone to write the post, I’ve been so nostalgic, it’s taken me forever and a year to write it!!

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