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Ah, here we are almost a month since I left for London. I have to be completely honest, I fell hard for London. In a totally, unexpected-head-over-heels-what-am-I-doing kind of way. For the 10 days following my return to America, I was convinced I was going to move to the UK. I looked up jobs in London. I researched cost of living (hello!). I was so smitten with this city, and who am I kidding, I’m still smitten with that city.

Travels Abroad-London-14

But I did snap back to reality. I remembered all of the things I love about home, and how much I would miss this place. London has a huge chunk of my heart, and you can bet I’ll be return one day soon, but for now, it remains one of my favorite memories of my 23 years on this earth.

Travels Abroad-London Travels Abroad-London-2 Travels Abroad-London-3 This is the London I love most. That brick! Travels Abroad-London-4 Travels Abroad-London-5 Hello, beautiful shade of blue.¬† Travels Abroad-London-6 Do you see that? That right there is a sunny day in London. Somehow, we ended up with a lot of them :) Travels Abroad-London-7 Travels Abroad-London-8 Travels Abroad-London-9 Travels Abroad-London-10 Travels Abroad-London-11 Travels Abroad-London-12 Normally, I’m terrified of heights. But who says no to the London Eye? It was breathtaking. I can’t recommend it enough. And not even scary! or like that scary…. Travels Abroad-London-13
Travels Abroad-London-15 Travels Abroad-London-16 Travels Abroad-London-17 Travels Abroad-London-18 Because we stayed on American time the whole trip, we ended up watching a lot of late night British movies. Notting Hill was at the top of our list ;) Where’s Julia? Travels Abroad-London-19 Travels Abroad-London-20 So that’s London. ¬†Somehow I took 50X more photos of Paris than London which totally bewilders me, but I guess I was in the moment more in London? London, I love you. I’ll be saying it forever.

To wrap this lovely trip series up, tomorrow I’ll finally post our itinerary and some trip tips. I can’t believe it’s been a whole month.

Have any of you fallen for London like I did? Dare I say, more than Paris?



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