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In a few short weeks, I’m heading across the country to San Francisco, and I am more excited than a pup with two tails. My best friend Danielle & I have been talking about taking a trip to California for years, and at last, the timing is right. My birthday falls on Labor Day weekend, so it’s the perfect opportunity to go. We are staying with one of my oldest high school friends who has been living there the past couple of years, so we will have our own personal tour guide. While I’m dreading the summers end, I am counting down the minutes for this trip, y’all have no clue.

I have heard that the weather in SF has a mind of it’s own. Something about an Indian Summer and our trip marking the beginning of that season. I’ve been told to bring layers (aka no one really knows what the weather will be). I really rarely go shopping, but I want to get a few new pieces for this trip, so I’ve been scouring for some weather-ambiguous California-worthy style inspiration.

Early Fall Outfit

Sweater & Shorts Sweater and shorts Ikat Pants Maxi Skirt Maxi Dress Hot Pink Maxi

Last but not least: this beautiful, perfect dress. I’m pining away for a cheaper (& not sold out version) of this beauty. I would absolutely love this as a birthday dress.

White Birthday Dress

 1::Seams for a Desire ///2:: See Creatures/// 3:: Keltie Colleen ///4:: Shop Hopes /// 5:: Foam Magazine ///6:: Bergdorf Goodman ///7:: Smitten Studio///8:: Dress by Cusp::Image by Viva Luxury 

Now, I actually have to go shopping. Do y’all have any suggestions for packing for SF in early September?


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