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Life Lately: I just came home from my first trip abroad last night, so life is a bit of a whirlwind. I’m a flurry of emotions. The trip was indescribable, I’m struggling hard to put it into words. Adjusting back to reality is an uphill battle.

What I’m Reading: This shouldn’t count because I read it in one night, but I have to share that I just read The Giver for the first time. It was never on my high school reading list, but it was the book for this month’s book club. I seriously finished it in one night in London when my body was still on America time. Fully aware it’s a children’s (high school?) book, but it was so thought-provoking. I really couldn’t believe it did end so quickly. I’m anticipating the on-screen version coming later this year. 

What I’m Excited About: Spring. Apparently, I missed a lovely weekend in Atlanta (not complaining kids. I was in London ;) ), I think March weather will be shaping up quite nicely. Storing my peacoat and boots away for the season sounds just lovely :)

What am I Obsessing Over: Gel Nails. Do you all laugh at me every time I’m years late to the party? But really, I rarely get my nails done because I will just chew them off, and while I’m not the smartest cookie with my money 24/7, I have learned you shouldn’t eat your cash. But with Paris and London on the horizon, I bit the bullet and went for gel nails, and (sadly for my bank account), I’m hooked. I didn’t bite my nails ONCE on my trip. This is a record. They are so strong and shiny and my favorite part is you can’t totally screw them up buckling your seatbelt on the way out of the nail salon parking lot.

What’s Inspiring Me: floral flows, one-piece bikinis, large blooms, fancy maxis, and clean white.

February Was: Everything. I feel like a different person after this trip, but I don’t really know what to do with this new person yet. It’s all so strange. I’m longing to be back in London or to be spending another weekend in Paris.

March Will Be: A new Spring. Day light savings time. Big changes. Adventures. Responsibility.


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  1. Welcome back! (so jealous of your trip, by the way). I loved The Giver and it’s been ages since I’ve read it- I’ll definitely need to do a second read before the film.

    As for your nails- what about gel polish? I can get it put on for $15 here!

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