in a week….or two

dreamers11 artwork by Oh My Deer via DesignLoveFest

I fell in love with Atlanta again thanks to Ginny’s 24 hour guide to this sweet city of mine.

I daydreamed of Summer. I’ll even take Spring. But, oh how I’m longing for the heat of Summer.

I found myself drawn to pink walls. and pink doors. Totally natural timing when planning a move with your boyfriend huh? Something tells me this won’t fly in the new place.

I needed this sofa chair. And a bolt of the fabric so I can cover my house wall to wall with those dots.

It’s seems a tiny bit silly to write my weekly Friday post when I haven’t written in two weeks, or maybe it feels a tiny bit right. Despite strong intentions for a productive January, the past seventeens days have taken me by storm. London is in one month and three days. Moving in three months. There are never enough hours in a day, friends! But here I am, catching up with the world.

I took the day off work today to give myself a little four day weekend, and I am so smitten with days like this. Running errands are typically the bane of my existence, but somewhat relaxing when they aren’t rushed and at odd hours. And being outside with morning light and an open day in front of me? It’s too good.

Feeling very grateful right about now.


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