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my city was snowed in. Two inches of snow + the middle of the day + zero preparedness = chaos.  I spent over five hours in the car and ended up walking 1.5 miles home, and I was one of the LUCKY ones. It was amazing to see our city come together and support each other though. Southern hospitality at it’s best.

I almost sprinted straight to the store to get materials for this DIY (but ya know-then there was the whole snowpacalypse…)

I ran out of excuses to not work out after discovering another 30-day workout challenge. This time-yoga.

I decided to send my Valentine’s Day cards electronically this year thanks to these Kate Spade designs for Paperless Post. Oui Oui.

and on SoSo/// I wore white on white, a told a story about a pink house, and I added a new post to my travel series-lust list: traveling abroad edition (aka I shared everything I still need and implored you for advice)

This snowstorm has completely throw me off this week. I loved working from home, but today will be a big catch-up day in the office. I want to do as little as possible this weekend. Crazy to think I only have three more weekends in Atlanta until I’ll be in Paris and London.

Any fellow Atlantans with crazy snow stories?



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  1. I’m so happy I’ve found a fellow Atlanta blogger! I’m glad you were safe in all of this chaos. I don’t have any crazy stories, but my dad had to walk about 5 miles home after he abandoned his car on the side of the road.

    Happy February!

    1. 5 miles, that’s wild! I was complaining about 1.5, really puts it into perspective.

      So happy to connect, thanks for stopping by! :)

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