girl crush: emily henderson


Sometimes, I can be a bit late to the game on things. This amazing thing called Instagram (you’ve heard of it, right?) introduced me to the beautiful feed of @emilyhenderson. I thought-who is this girl with the adorable baby and beautiful house?

Oh you know, just an HGTV star, designer, and stylist-nbd. At first, I only followed her Insta feed for a month or so, until one weekend, I finally remembered to look up her blog.


Alright, Emily, you’ve trapped me now. Behind the stunning, distinctive style, breathtaking home, and adorable budding family, stands this hilarious blonde bombshell.


There are a lot of writing styles I’m drawn to: sincere, entertaining, descriptive, etc., but Mrs. Hendo is in a class of her own. She is beyond authentic, hysterical, clever, and honest to boot.

EmilyHenderson_Inspiration emily-henderson-saarinen

And that’s just her writing. Her design style is unbelievable ( ya know, she’s an HGTV star and all). I’m constantly pinning, bookmarking, starring, and printing off her work, photos, and inspiration. There is something so fresh and real about her style. It’s classic and modern at the same time. It’s clean but colorful.


Discovering Mrs. Hendo right when she has started remodeling her new house-now that is perfect timing. I’m loving every second of following along on this journey. If I haven’t sold you, I guarantee one click over to her blog, and you’ll be hooked too.

*All images via Style by Emily Henderson



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