lust list: last minute gift edition

Here we are eight days until Christmas, and I guarantee there are a few people I have left off my shopping list. Every year, I find myself scrambling for someone I forgot, and every year, I search for the perfect last minute gift that doesn’t scream “I picked this up on my way to this Christmas party.” I have a few requirements for last minute gifts: It has to be something you can pick up (aka no online shopping), it needs to be something I’d actually want (aka no fancy soap), and preferably it has to be something I don’t have to enter a mall during holiday season for. That last one is negotiable ; )

lust list_ gift guide for last minute gifts copy Sugar Paper Calendar ::: Target /// Gold Foil Stationary ::: Target /// Domino the Book of Decorating /// The Optimist gift card /// Starbucks gift card /// Wine Decanter ::: Pottery Barn /// Monogram Mugs ::: Anthropologie

A couple of notes on the above::

  • Target has some seriously perfect stationary in the dollar bin right now. I picked up 5 and considering going back.
  • I love the idea of getting a coffee table book for someone. Barnes and Noble is an easy drop by store, and there are so many beautiful books for someone’s home. Another idea is a cook book!
  • I usually advise against gift cards as gifts but not when it’s to a local favorite like The Optimist or Empire State South. Or Starbucks because…it’s Starbucks….
  • Pick up some Two Buck Chuck to go with a wine decanter and you have such a thoughtful gift-hello!
  • Monogram mugs-no lie, almost every time I need a last minute gift I swing by Anthropologie for a monogram mug. These are classics that I love giving and receiving. Tie a stick of cinnamon to the handle or pair with some hot cocoa, it you’re set!

Any other ideas? I’m always searching for more things to add to my go-to last minute gift list.

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