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Lately, I’ve been longing to write more and more, which frankly is new to me. I would write and journal growing up and through high school occasionally, but not since. I’m embracing this urge with open arms, especially with my big trip coming up, so I’ve been on the hunt for a travel journal that suits me.

Travel Journal Travel Journal Travel Journal Travel JournalTravel Journal

TRAVEL JOURNAL INSPIRATION: Design Love Fest /// Rifle Paper Co. /// A Beautiful Mess /// Linneas Box /// Pie N’ the Sky

There are a lot of options out there: DIY, notebooks, boxes, scrapbooks, pocketbooks, etc, but I do have a pretty specific design esthetic I’m looking for. The whole “travel theme” that is celebrated through travel-specific journals doesn’t especially appeal to me. I’m looking for something clean, bright, and happy (my typical design mandates across all things, I’m pretty predictable, huh?).

Travel JournalUltimately, I went a little untraditional, and bought these pocket notebooks from Rifle Paper Co. I really loved that there were two, and I could separate the cities. I was also drawn to their size for multiple reasons. Most obvious is convenience. Since they’re so tiny, I can stick them in the smallest of bags and take out at any point to scribble in. I’m also drawn to the idea of keeping them out in the future to read from time to time. Maybe it’s all in my head, but something about them being so small gives me hope that it wouldn’t be so daunting to do so.

A side note worth mentioning: I totally would have gone with the Rifle Paper Co. Travel Journal above, but I’m just not a Forest Green girl. Anna revealed this new design for the Spring line, which had it been out in time for my trip, I would have snagged in a heartbeat. Just another reason to travel more once it’s released ;)

Have you ever kept a travel journal? Did you make or buy? My biggest question is-do you ever go back and read it??

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