skillfully designed clutter

If you’ve been following along with this little blog, you’ll know I really strive for simplicity in design. I touched on it yesterday in regards to home decor, but it really is something that I love in all design, whether it’s in my house, on paper, in photographs, etc.

That being said, there is a huge art in skillfully designing a “cluttered” design. I am in love with this chalkboard art drawn by Erik Marinovich. The artwork was featured in Every Day with Rachel Ray last year for the New Year’s issue, and I am in awe of the design.


The spacing, the seeming animation, the texture, the colors, the variety of fonts that are different but similar. I love it all. And it’s everything that I typically stray away from, which of course makes me love it more.

It’s so daring, which is what makes it unique. That might sound so silly to people who are more out of the box with their typical design, but from simple me, it’s a big jump :)

I try to hold on to pieces of this type of design as a reminder to step out of my simple little box. I need to discover the elements that I love, and reflect them in my own designs.

Do you fall into any design categories whether it’s in your home or otherwise? Do you want to grow out of them like me?

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