a house daydream

This should actually be titled: a rental home daydream. In less than two months, Josh and I will be moving out of the townhouse and into a new place, which will in no shape or form be our dream rental because our dream rental would far exceed even our dream budget ;). But we are going to try very hard to turn where we end up into our dream rental.

small houseFinding a place through Craigslist/Trulia/Zillow has been tough. We are still empty handed, which is hard because you’re torn between wanting to get it over and find a place and not settling for something that is “okay.” I can’t really talk though considering the heartbreak and hardship involved in buying, let alone renting, but phew-my mind is exhausted. Martha Stewart

To ease my worried mind, I day dream. A lot. About what the house will look like, how we will design it, having so many rooms to fill! It’s very therapeutic (mostly because it’s only pretend and there are no real price tags tied to the sofas and chandeliers in my head).

Today, it’s the exterior. It’s a small house with a lot of charm. A beautiful green lawn, and plenty of room to plant flowers.


I’m typically not a red girl. It’s rarely a color I go for, but I have clicked on every single house with a red door. They are so happy! Until I see what’s behind most of the doors….


And oh, what a girl would do for a picket fence?


1:: Helen Thompson // 2:: Martha Stewart // 3:: Southern Living  //4:: Hillary Taylor Designs // 5:: Wendy Possard 

Anyone have any house hunting tips? Know any great places going up for rent in the Atlanta area??


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