gallery wall (or how I fell in love with a little bit of clutter)

somethingsouthern_gallerywall2.jpgsomethingsouthern_gallerywall4.jpgsomething southern_gallery wall.jpgtop knot 24_elizabeth mayville.jpgsomethingsouthern_gallerywall3.jpgwhite house_1canoe2.jpgI was so nervous about this whole gallery wall project that I had to put all of my energy into finishing it before I changed my mind. A lot of the projects that I work on typically take me a few weeks to really complete from dreaming up the idea, to design concepts, to execution (cough cough, the bar cart that took me three months). This guy, however, popped into my head last week and was finished 7 days later. Otherwise, I might have changed my mind. I have such a fear of over-clutter in the design of my room, so a gallery wall scared the heck out of me.


Alas, I love it. I am so so so happy I went through with it-clutter and all. It is small, and it is simple, but that is everything I could have asked for. I seriously have a huge grin on my face every time I look at this wall. Until I notice the missing dresser knobs–womp womp womp.

Maybe I should start biting the bullet more often ; )

Artwork Sources from left to right::: Threshold Antlers by Target/// Top Knot 24 Print by Elizabeth Mayville /// Peach State Print by The Wheatfield /// White House by 1canoe2 /// California Coast photographed by me /// Blooming Recklessly Print by Oh My DeerĀ 

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