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Ohh, the elusive gallery wall. For as long as I can remember, I have been pretty hesitant about placing a gallery wall in my home. What I love about a good gallery wall is simplicity, which I believe, is very hard to attain. I have a strong fear of over cluttering my space. Cleanliness in design is what I strive for, and (at times, in my opinion), I think gallery walls can over do it. That doesn’t mean I don’t love a perfectly styled one. I look for only small pops of color, a lot of white, depth in texture, and beautiful spacing. Beautiful spacing is so. hard. to. do. well. And, I am scared out of my mind to try. But as the title of this post tells you, it’s about time to hop on the gallery wall train.

anne sage anne sage

{y’all know how I feel about oh my deer. If there’s a post about artwork, she’s included. This poster is on sale again, and for the last time, and I wish to all the bank account fairies that I could justify the purchase. It’s on the top of my holiday wish list, I love it so.} natty by design natty by design pernille decoration hunt

Below is the wall that I have loved ever since I painted that blue dresser. {Please do me a favor and ignore the following: 1. the missing knob (ripped off one day and NO amount of hot glue/super glue will cure), 2. the rouge yoga mat, 3. the TV that looks like a computer monitor, and 4. the terrible photography resulting from the ZERO light my room gets.}


The other day though, I randomly decided this wall needed more. My room as been evolving more and more since I moved in almost two years ago, and seemingly, the next step is a new wall design.

Being that I am hesitant to jump the gun, this will definitely not be a 30 minute late night project. I’ve been gathering ideas for pieces to add to the wall and searching for good tips online to help with the actual process (spacing, frames, all that jazz). The Peach State print will definitely be staying where it’s at. It is one of the many Wheatfield prints that I own and love. I’ll likely remove the glass on the two white frames, and order some prints to fill them. I also am looking for some depth and texture, possibly in the form of antlers. I will need some smaller prints, so I’m thinking of printing out some of my San Francisco pictures for the wall and leaving a space for my upcoming London and Paris trips. I can’t tell yet if that will be enough.

gallery wall inspiration board

{1:: photo from my trip to San Francisco /// 2:: Top Knot 24 Print by Elizabeth Mayville /// 3:: Van Gogh Love Print by oh my deer ///4:: Threshold Antlers by Target ///5:: Peach State Print by The Wheatfield ///6:: White House Card by 1canoe2}

Once I have everything in my possession, I’m planning to lay it out for spacing based on the advice of every gallery wall link ever. I’m nervous. It might take me a couple weeks to gather the courage, so please bear with me. Speaking of, I am finally making progress on this little bar cart I mentioned a couple months back. It officially has a fresh coat of paint, and I officially have a good plan of action : )

Do you have a gallery wall? Please tell me you love it with all of your heart and you don’t regret nailing 15+ holes in your wall.

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  1. I like the botanical gallery. The GA print is really cute too.
    I wanted to do a gallery wall around the TV but the ole man begged me not to. I had to settle for doing one in the hallway.

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