Beautiful Atlanta Engagement Party

London Eye Ice 2 Brianna is one of my dearest and closest friends. She and her fiance are living in London for a year before their 2015 Spring wedding (what a life-huh?). Before they headed abroad, they threw the most amazing engagement party I have ever seen. Seriously, reliving these pictures makes me die to go back. I am counting down the days (weeks, months, seasons) until their wedding.

I helped Brianna with a lot of the details for the big day, it was pretty awesome to see everything come to life so perfectly. The talented duo, The Willetts, captured the evening against the backdrop of The Peachtree Club aka the backdrop of the city. I have to pause for a second though to say how wonderfully outgoing, brilliant, and skillful Gregg and Caroline Willett are.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Way Down South London Eye Peachtree Club Table Tops Table tops2 London Eye Ice London Eye Ice 3

Yep, that’s an ice sculpture in the shape of the London Eye. To be exact, it’s also a shot luge. Things got a bit wild :)

London Lad London Lad2 Champagne Blushing Bride Ring Cake Grilled Cheese Bites Drinks Invites3

I had the best time designing her engagement party invitations. That’s gold foil y’all! Plus, they have a pretty great story to tell. 

Matt and Bri

This picture. I swoon.

Bri and Matt Atlanta Atlanta2 Atlanta3

This venue-perfect right? Brianna and I had our eyes set on this place for years. That’s not even an understatement. Once in college, we came for a venue tour and pretended Brianna was engaged (she wasn’t) and I was her wedding planner (I wasn’t). Years later when we came back, the same event coordinator was there! At first, we couldn’t tell if Lisa Claire recognized us, but she stumbled upon our old meetings and we were caught! It was a pretty good laugh during the final site visit. 

favors J&S London Ice at night Atlanta at night2 This city, this view. Atlanta you’ve got my heart, that’s for sure.

Atlanta at Night

Photography: The Willetts ///Venue: The Peachtree Club ///Flowers: Whole Foods Catering: The Peachtree Club Cake: Family Friend



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