spodee spring cocktail

All the vitamin D this weekend was intoxicating. Does everyone else feel immense joy when the weather starts to warm up? It’s like this wave of happiness simply because the sun is shining and I can take my shorts out from the back of my closet.


Fueled by merriment and clinging onto the last few hours of the weekend, I concocted a Spring cocktail recipe with the help of my new friend Spodee. I sure do love a brand with good branding, and Spodee is chock-full of it, but they are also chock-full of “wine with a kick.”


I can drink this stuff straight, but to add in some fresh flavors of Spring, I mixed together Spodee with sparkling raspberry lemonade, blueberries, and ginger beer to even out all the sweet.

Spodee Spring Cocktail

Oh my, I could drink this recipe all season long. I just might.

Spodee is just fresh on the shelves in Atlanta, but you can also find this homemade country wine in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Or you could hound them with emails begging to come to city near you because goodness, it’s delicious. Spodee was very gracious to provide me with a bottle to try, but all opinions are my own. In continuous disclosure, I also highly recommend Spodee and Sodee (equal parts Spodee and Coke). Ok, now I’m thirsty. 




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