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While Josh and I are staying with my sister and her fiancé for the next three weeks, it’s actually really great having company with another couple. We don’t typically get the opportunity to carve out time for double dates, but living here, they come naturally considering all we need to do is walk to the kitchen :) Personally, I believe there are two requirements to a good double date night: card games and delicious snacks.


Josh handled the card games (he undoubtedly knows them all), and I picked up my new favorite treat: popchips. So while J explained the rules to Spades and President, we munched.


popchips are those kind of chips that you go for when you’re craving the worst (Doritos, Nachos, everything bad), but then you realize what you’re eating is better than all of that terrible stuff in the first place. They’re healthy, they’re crisp, and oh my goodness they are just so good. The four of us tore through a bag in less than 10 minutes. Lucky for us, they just introduced their 15% more to love bags-aka 15% more in every bag. Completely worth it when you go through a bag as quickly as we do.


It really is the most casual evenings that turn out to be the most memorable to be. Good food, good people, and good, simple entertainment.


So now it’s your turn to tell your popchips love story for a chance to win a pop-worthy date night. Hop on over to popchips to enter-there are 6(!) weekly (!!) drawings for a date night prize pack, but just enter in, and you’ll receive a popchips coupon.  Sharing the love with everyone :)


This post was sponsored by popchips, however all my thoughts, opinions, and satisfied cravings are my own :) 


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  1. OMG! I am also a fan of Popchips! You’re right, they’re the perfect alternative for all the wrong things that catch your eye on the snack isle! The plates you used were very pretty. Great way to double date!

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