fridays are for margaritas


Fridays are pretty great and deserve celebrations. Summer Fridays deserve parades and specialty cocktails and feasts in their honor. My contribution to said hooplah? The best and only margarita recipe you’ll ever need.


Not all margaritas are created equal. I try to avoid the super sweet mixes. My favorite NY friend, Erin, always orders her margaritas with ZERO sour mix, which essentially is lime juice and tequila. She’s brave. Brand of tequila is everything. I learned quickly freshman year of college that drinking cheap tequila never ever ends well. I am shuddering writing the words “cheap tequila.” Jose Cuervo is my go-to tequila every time, it was the first tequila after all. It’s smooth, it’s tasty, and it doesn’t leave you with regrets Sunday morning. Okay, that’s debatable. ;) I’m a big fan of Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver-it’s 100% agave tequila, and oh so perfect for my margaritas.


So here it is folks. The margarita recipe that will turn your already amazing summer friday into the summer friday of all  summer fridays (or your manic monday into an acceptable day of the week).


As you’re enjoying your best-ever-summer-Friday, download the Jose Cuervo augmented reality app. You might say, isn’t drinking tequila on it’s own an augmented reality app? And I’ll say yes, but the Jose Cuervo History in a Bottle app is pretty darn cool. The video below introduces the app, but essentially you can point the app to your Tradicional bottle and see it come to life. If you’re four margaritas in, this might get trippy folks.




Pretty cool right? And you can be the coolest kid at your memorial day weekend parties and spew out trivia know one else knows like “Did you know Jose Cuervo invented the margarita (the most important invention ever obviously)??”


So check out the app, watch the video, and pour yourself a margarita or 3 because it’s only the beginning of summer fridays. Drink up friends! peach-margs-jose-cuervo

This post was sponsored by Jose Cuervo in celebration of Jose’s 219 year history, however my love for tequila, margaritas, and Jose Cuervo is completely on my own accord. Many thanks for supporting the wonderful sponsors who help this blog out. Without them, how would we know what to put in our margaritas?? 

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