Little Black Dress Party

As y’all know, last Friday we celebrated Shelby’s birthday with a Little Black Dress themed evening. Other than the obvious, LBD dress code, I wanted to add some more details in the form of mason jars, lots of gold, and champagne. Here was my inspiration for the evening:

LBD Glitter & Gold Mason Jars:: Fresh Affairs  // Round Balloons :: Geronimo! Balloon //Champagne Bucket::A Bryan Photo  //Little Black Dress Photo:: Source Unknown //Champagne with Rock Candy:: The Sweetest Occasion  // Mini Champagne Bottles :: Ruffled Blog  // Extra Long Candles:: Kiss the Groom 

And below are some pictures of the execution!



Champagne Flutes with Rock Candy

Rock Candy

Little Bites

Mini Champagne Bottles

Cake Tower

Birthday Girl


This is making me so eager for a nice camera, but I am really thrilled about how everything turned out! I wish I had some pictures from Antico because goodness gracious that pizza was too delicious for words. I begged and pleaded for Josh to go with me again the next night (however, Fellini’s was a nice runner up).

Happy Birthday sweet Shelby! You are the most generous, caring, and beautiful friend. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I’d probably still like you even if you didn’t make me raspberry dumplings :)


(Note: All photos are mine unless otherwise indicated.) 

4 thoughts on “Little Black Dress Party

  1. what you did was absolute perfection. I can’t believe how you transformed the apartment and planned every little detail. It’s amazing the magic you can work :) It’s even more amazing how much you care to make my birthday special, thank you so much for making it the best birthday ever. I love you most wonderful, thoughtful, gorgeous friend :)

    -little S

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