Last Minute Girls Night Out Birthday Invite

One of my dear friends, Shelby’s 22nd birthday was this past Sunday. We went back & forth on plans for her birthday, but she finally settled on a “Little Black Dress” themed girls night out. We all dressed up in our LBD’s, had champagne & dessert at our townhouse, then headed to Antico, an amazing BYOB Atlanta Pizza place. If you’re in the Atlanta area, and you haven’t tried Antico, you are honestly missing out. You don’t get dubbed “Best Pizza Joint in America” by a world renowned Italian Authority  for no reason.

Since the plans were a bit last minute, I knew I was going to have to text out the details to all of the girls, but I know Shelby is a huge fan of the little details, so I didn’t want the standard when/where/who text message.

I grabbed a picture of girls in their LBD that I know Shelby loves & added some white type, then sent it out to the girls! The actual card had more info (time/our house address), which I omitted, but you get the idea :)


 Image Source:: Unknown* //Font:: Can’t Write Quickly in Winter

I wish we had had time to print them out & mail them, but at least the wonders of technology exist!

*If anyone knows the source of this image, please let me know! I could only find it on various Tumblrs/Pinterest boards

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