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Bib and Tuck
Experience. A good experience brings a whole lot of happiness. And Bib + Tuck radiates pure joy. Bib + Tuck  is a curated community where you can raid people’s closets, discover amazing products and refresh your wardrobe. Essentially, you can shop in a bunch of fashionable stranger’s closets or purge your own closet of clothes you no longer wear (or admittingly have never worn).

Besides being stocked with gorgeous designer clothes (and for a steal), the experience is so seamless. The site has a simple, fun, and clean interface, making it so easy to discover great outfits. You can filter by size, style, and brand, and you can have favorite “closets” to stalk on a regular basis.

They have some pretty strict guidelines for clothes that are loaded onto the site, so you won’t find a  Forever 21 dress circa 2004 or a pair of shoes that have been worn to the sole. I mean, I found Hunter Boots for 30 Bucks (bib + tuck currency), which sadly were Tucked before I had the chance to myself, but Hello! 30 for Hunters? A steal!


So what did I Tuck? Just this gorgeous Zara Yellow dress AND d’orsay flats all for 50 Bucks.

Use my referral code, B9Y5, or sign up here and get 10 bucks off your first purchase.

Bib+Tuck was wonderfully gracious to provide me with 50 bucks, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. You can bet I plan on Bibbing and Tucking on a regular basis. 




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