in a week

in a week

yougotthis1artwork by Oh My Deer via DesignLoveFest

I was inspired by the Southern Weddings ladies to create relationship resolutions in addition to my personal ones

I discovered a new Etsy favorite, Print Smitten

I fell for this front porch chalkboard decor

I loved the idea of a blog book club

I gathered the recipes for these detox smoothies. Perfect for a new healthy year.

and on the blog/// I chatted about the best things I did in 2013, I shared some free 2014 calendar downloads, I looked forward to January, and I set some goals for the new year.

I’ve been very blessed with a couple extra days off work this week, so I’m looking forward to enjoying the last two days before I head into work Monday. As time always seems to go, I have feeling this will be a quick weekend, but hopefully a good one : )

in a week

Red Barn in the Snow//source unknown*//

I swooned for Chelsea’s tree in a basket

I loved the idea of an adult advent calendar. Thinking about cooking up a variation of this next year!

I wished I had some better building skills so I could put together this DIY faux fur stool

I (along with the rest of America) fell in love with #theoandbeau and the lovely mama blogger behind the lens

and over on the blog, I crafted some Christmas ornaments, I baked gingerbread cookies, I rounded up last minute gift ideas, I sent Christmas in the mail, and I wrapped holiday gifts in four different styles.

Happy last weekend before Christmas! I hope everyone has a relaxing few days planned, hopefully your holiday shopping is over ; )

*If you know the source of this image, please let me know!

in a week


I needed to know the story of the image above. I have such a longing for a house filled with farm animals. This picture kills me. In a good way.

I learned how to eat a pomegranate FINALLY. Thank you Wit & Whistle for doing the smart thing and searching on YouTube. Duh.

I signed up for the SW annual ornament swap. It’s one of my favorite traditions : )

I needed this post.

and on the blog/// I scrambled for some last minute Thanksgiving inspiration (which I put to good use), I lusted over everything from piggy bookends to fur Christmas stockings, I poured my heart out over my love for More Love Letters, and I was Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday. I am completely smitten with Thanksgiving, but I am so excited about the next few weeks. The energy and build up to Christmas makes for my favorite time of the year.  I’m looking forward to spending today reading, drinking coffee, and relaxing with my family before I head back to the city to decorate the townhouse. This weekend should be a good one with the rivalry football games going on. I’ll be at the Georgia Tech v. Georgia game cheering on my alma mater, but I’m definitely planning on sneaking out early to catch the end of the Iron Bowl (whyy are they at the same time!). Hopefully the weekend doesn’t fly by too quickly ; )  

in a week

done is better than perfect

Done is Better than Perfect//Colleen Leh

I repeated the above mantra over and over in anticipation for the weekend.

I explored these city guides from Kate Spade in preparation for my upcoming European adventure.  

I added this Polaroid to my Christmas wish list during a serious bout of nostalgia

I oggled over The Everygirl’s web redesign and shop launch

I was overwhelmed by all of the Christmas gift guides and decor how-tos that are already floating around. I usually embrace the holiday’s, but when did it become November 22nd already?! No, but really..when!

and on the blog// I made the prettiest bookshelf-bar cart you ever did see. I embraced gold peeks in the kitchen. and I put up a gallery wall in my room that made me swoon for clutter.

I’m ready for the weekend. Do I ever not say that? Okay, but for real, a bubble bath is calling my name :)

Happy Friday friends!

in a week

ifyouworkreallyhardandyourekindamazingthingswillhappen_1024x1024Moorea Seal

I was devastated by the typhoons and aftermath in the Philippines. Donate to the cause here.

I fell hard for a black kitchen after seeing this before and after.

I had mixed emotions about the prospect of Turner Field relocating. On one end, I think it’s great for the team, but I can’t help but think of all the memories I have growing up going to the Ted. I’ll miss that place if the relocation goes through.

I dreamed of a bigger dining room (or maybe even a dining room table) so I could host a Thanksgiving as beautiful as this Southern affair styled by Mandy.

I (finally!) got my Southern Weddings V6 in the mail. Per usual, the SW ladies blew it out of the water. I’ve been reading it a little bit at a time trying to make it last as long as possible. You need a copy whether you’d married, single, or just love love. : )

and on the blog//I styled a drool worthy brunch. I bit the bullet and gathered inspiration for a gallery wall. I shared some skillfully designed clutter. and over on instagram, I discovered Atlanta ice cream so good I stood in line on the coldest night all year.

This. week. has. been. so. long. The busiest week of my year has taken a toll on my body, and I am ready to relax tonight. This weekend, I’m planning on finally finishing up my Bar Cart and gathering some prints for my gallery wall. I can’t believe how close the holidays are, they’re sneaking up on me, which I didn’t expect. I thought I was prepared! Hah!

I hope y’all have a lovely weekend, and hopefully you’re more prepared for the next 6 weeks than I am : )

in a week

2619e0ae06e85f6f404a3aa413f4e30e //source unknown*//

I read this inspiring story and considered booking a day trip to SF

I may or may not have ordered new fuzzy Christmas stockings

I was blown away by this article. Puts things into perspective, and makes me extremely grateful.

I loved seeing the behind the scenes of the SW gal’s offices

I discovered Mrs. Sarah Tucker’s @jcpenneydoesitagain instagram (which will make you trek out to the burbs in search for these adorable steals)

and on the blog// I went apple picking, then made pie. I shared pictures of the best engagement party that I’ll ever attend (with the best view of Atlanta you’ve ever see). I girl crushed on the one and only Molly Jacques. and I swooned over clothes that aren’t in my closet. 

The weekend ahead is looking to be a relaxing one. This has been the most beautiful Fall, I am planning on soaking up every minute. What are your weekend plans?


*can anyone help with the original source of this beaut?