Beautiful Atlanta Engagement Party

London Eye Ice 2Brianna is one of my dearest and closest friends. She and her fiance are living in London for a year before their 2015 Spring wedding (what a life-huh?). Before they headed abroad, they threw the most amazing engagement party I have ever seen. Seriously, reliving these pictures makes me die to go back. I am counting down the days (weeks, months, seasons) until their wedding.

I helped Brianna with a lot of the details for the big day, it was pretty awesome to see everything come to life so perfectly. The talented duo, The Willetts, captured the evening against the backdrop of The Peachtree Club aka the backdrop of the city. I have to pause for a second though to say how wonderfully outgoing, brilliant, and skillful Gregg and Caroline Willett are.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Way Down South London Eye Peachtree ClubTable Tops Table tops2 London Eye IceLondon Eye Ice 3

Yep, that’s an ice sculpture in the shape of the London Eye. To be exact, it’s also a shot luge. Things got a bit wild :)

London Lad London Lad2 Champagne Blushing Bride Ring Cake Grilled Cheese Bites DrinksInvites3

I had the best time designing her engagement party invitations. That’s gold foil y’all! Plus, they have a pretty great story to tell. 

Matt and Bri

This picture. I swoon.

Bri and Matt Atlanta Atlanta2 Atlanta3

This venue-perfect right? Brianna and I had our eyes set on this place for years. That’s not even an understatement. Once in college, we came for a venue tour and pretended Brianna was engaged (she wasn’t) and I was her wedding planner (I wasn’t). Years later when we came back, the same event coordinator was there! At first, we couldn’t tell if Lisa Claire recognized us, but she stumbled upon our old meetings and we were caught! It was a pretty good laugh during the final site visit. 

favorsJ&SLondon Ice at nightAtlanta at night2This city, this view. Atlanta you’ve got my heart, that’s for sure.

Atlanta at Night

Photography: The Willetts ///Venue: The Peachtree Club ///Flowers: Whole Foods Catering: The Peachtree Club Cake: Family Friend



Engagement Party Outfit Inspiration

One of my best friends (& sorority little!), Brianna & her fiance, Matthew are moving to London for a year before their Spring 2015 wedding. I’ve been having the best time helping her to plan, channeling my old wedding planner days. Since they’ll be abroad for a year (seriously, how lucky are these two??), we are having their engagement party/going away party a couple weeks before they leave. Tomorrow (!!!) is the big day, and I am beyond excited. The wonderful Willet’s will be photographing the whole thing, so I can’t wait to share details in the next few weeks (including the invitations I designed).

In the meantime, I wanted to share my outfit inspiration! The party is semi-formal, which I love since I haven’t had an excuse to wear a nice dress since my last sorority formal almost a year ago.

Sparkle SHOP BOP Tobi Dolce-Gabbana-spring-2011-dress-lgn Sequin


1. Source unknown/// 2. Shop Bop ///3. Tobi  ///4. Dolce & Gabbana via Elle  ///5. Pernias Pop-Up Shop 

Ultimately, I decided to go with Rent the Runway. I really love the concept because as much as I enjoy expanding my limited closet, I really don’t have a lot of excuses to rewear formal dresses. Plus, the types of dresses I was leaning towards were more money that I’m willing to spend, especially with my upcoming California trip. I have rented a couple dresses in the past & loved the experience. I didn’t want to take the dress off!

I scoured the website, but it didn’t take me long to pick. This Badgley Mischka beauty was too hard to resist!


The dress arrives tonight, so I’m planning on RUNNING home to try it on. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!



Pretty Paper: Hand Illustrated Maps

There is something about an illustrated map that totally draws me in. I’d love to have one of Atlanta that highlights my favorite stomping grounds & most frequented locales (Fellini’s, Starbucks, Souper Jenny’s, & the Westside to name a few!). It’s so endearing when they’re included in stationary suites too! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites that I’ve been swooning over lately.

Lake Tahoe Map_Ruffled_Cardstox Letterpress Map_Seaside Press Geometric Map_Jenna Sue Maps Watercolor Map_Consider The Lilies Co Atlanta Map_Natty Michelle Custom Map_Natty Michelle


1. Card Stox via Ruffled Blog// 2. Seaside Press// 3. Jenna Sue Maps// 4.  Consider the Lilies Co.//  5. & 6. Natty Michelle

I also discovered this awesome source where you can get a beautiful watercolor map of any location that you can download instantly. In lieu of my upcoming trip to San Fran, I made this beauty!

San Fran_Stamen Maps


And, here’s one of Atlanta & one of Savannah, my two favorite places!

Atlanta_Stamen Maps

Savannah_Stamen Maps


It’s a bit addicting! I’m working to find something creative to do with these, but I haven’t decided what yet. Any ideas??


Southern Details: Welcome Bags

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a Southern Details post, but what better Southern detail than a warm & hospitable welcome bag to greet your traveling guests! I love how these have evolved into an extension of the wedding weekend with beautifully crafted maps and itinerary booklets, hometown classics, and creative packaging. Here are a few of my favorites that I’m totally smitten with!

Southern Weddings_Out of Town Basket

Style Me Pretty_Out of Town Guest Bag

Merci New York_Out Of Town Guest Box

Jenny Steffens_Out of Town Guest Box

Martha Stewart Weddings_Out of Town Box

Martha Stewart Weddings_Out of Town Box2

Ruffled Blog_Out of Town Guest Box


1. Southern Weddings:: Photograph by Jonathan Canlas//2.  Style Me Pretty:: Photograph by Virgil Bunao //3. Merci New York//4. Jenny Hobick//5.  Martha Stewart Weddings:: Photograph by Olivia Leigh Photographie 6. Martha Stewart Weddings::Photograph by Kate Headley//7.  Ruffled Blog


I love that all of these can be modified with a non-wedding theme to simply greet a house guest that is coming for the weekend! There is something so sweet and thoughtful about being welcomed with a basket when visiting friends or family.

Have you ever been greeted with a welcome basket at a wedding or just for a weekend stay with friends?

Little Black Dress Party

As y’all know, last Friday we celebrated Shelby’s birthday with a Little Black Dress themed evening. Other than the obvious, LBD dress code, I wanted to add some more details in the form of mason jars, lots of gold, and champagne. Here was my inspiration for the evening:

LBD Glitter & Gold Mason Jars:: Fresh Affairs  // Round Balloons :: Geronimo! Balloon //Champagne Bucket::A Bryan Photo  //Little Black Dress Photo:: Source Unknown //Champagne with Rock Candy:: The Sweetest Occasion  // Mini Champagne Bottles :: Ruffled Blog  // Extra Long Candles:: Kiss the Groom 

And below are some pictures of the execution!



Champagne Flutes with Rock Candy

Rock Candy

Little Bites

Mini Champagne Bottles

Cake Tower

Birthday Girl


This is making me so eager for a nice camera, but I am really thrilled about how everything turned out! I wish I had some pictures from Antico because goodness gracious that pizza was too delicious for words. I begged and pleaded for Josh to go with me again the next night (however, Fellini’s was a nice runner up).

Happy Birthday sweet Shelby! You are the most generous, caring, and beautiful friend. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I’d probably still like you even if you didn’t make me raspberry dumplings :)


(Note: All photos are mine unless otherwise indicated.) 

Last Minute Girls Night Out Birthday Invite

One of my dear friends, Shelby’s 22nd birthday was this past Sunday. We went back & forth on plans for her birthday, but she finally settled on a “Little Black Dress” themed girls night out. We all dressed up in our LBD’s, had champagne & dessert at our townhouse, then headed to Antico, an amazing BYOB Atlanta Pizza place. If you’re in the Atlanta area, and you haven’t tried Antico, you are honestly missing out. You don’t get dubbed “Best Pizza Joint in America” by a world renowned Italian Authority  for no reason.

Since the plans were a bit last minute, I knew I was going to have to text out the details to all of the girls, but I know Shelby is a huge fan of the little details, so I didn’t want the standard when/where/who text message.

I grabbed a picture of girls in their LBD that I know Shelby loves & added some white type, then sent it out to the girls! The actual card had more info (time/our house address), which I omitted, but you get the idea :)


 Image Source:: Unknown* //Font:: Can’t Write Quickly in Winter

I wish we had had time to print them out & mail them, but at least the wonders of technology exist!

*If anyone knows the source of this image, please let me know! I could only find it on various Tumblrs/Pinterest boards