The Coffee Cart

…or station or counter or corner or whatever have you. In our home, it’s nothing special. I have a Keurig on the corner of our kitchen counter below the coffee mugs. I won’t even document it for you because it’s that boring, but I dream of having a dedicated space for coffees and teas. Here are a few I have had my eye on lately…

SavvyCityFarmer ///Savvy City Farmer///

MeandAlice ///Me and Alice///

Damnkunst ///Damnkunst///

TheVintageWren ///The Vintage Wren///

I even love this adorable coffee tray. Perfect when you can’t afford to dedicate such a large space to a coffee station.


///Frazzled Joy///

According to these pictures, I’m drawn to a lot of white and vintage details for my coffee bar inspiration, huh? I really do love that tray though. You could even use it to bring the coffee out when you have guests over.

Do y’all have a coffee cart or station or even a coffee tray?


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