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The world made a cruel joke out of my daytime separation anxiety for my new house by putting me on bed rest with a terrible chest/sinus/entire body virus. Few things are as tough as having a laundry list of things to do and not physically being able to do them. So, as I crawl to the kitchen to attempt to make myself tea, I may or may not be covering my eyes to avoid the unpacked boxes and unpainted walls.

Lucky for me, my computer screen holds some distracting eye candy in the form of Rifle Paper Co.’s new wallpaper line for Hygge & West. Gosh, I can remember when Rifle Paper Co. was popping up in wedding blogs and the like. Anna has grown that company to this amazing brand, I have never seen something of hers I don’t love instantly. It’s probably a good thing I can’t wallpaper in this rental because I’d go pretty broke decking out the house in these designs. So behold, a bit of eye candy for you:

HW_Rifle_CitiesToile_RobinsEgg_Details_Web_1024x1024 HW_Rifle_CitiesToile_White_Detail_Web_1024x1024 HW_Rifle_CityToile_Ebony_Room_Web_1024x1024 HW_Rifle_Peonies_Copper_Detail_Web_5f90fe6e-a46a-4ebe-960e-ef1a71ba15fa_1024x1024 HW_Rifle_Peonies_Mint_Detail_Web_1024x1024 HW_Rifle_Peonies_Yellow_Room_Web_1024x1024 HW_Rifle_Pineapple_Blue_Detail_Web_293b74eb-ce6b-40cb-82a1-b568efcd7c36_1024x1024 HW_Rifle_Pineapple_Ebony_Room_Web_1024x1024 HW_Rifle_Pineapple_Yellow_Detail_Web_1024x1024 HW_Rifle_QueenAnne_Blush_Room_Web_1024x1024 HW_Rifle_QueenAnne_Ebony_Detail_Web_3a3e5382-9ca8-4bcd-a428-58d8301126ce_1024x1024 HW_Rifle_QueenAnne_RobinsEgg_Detail_Web_09cb5ac0-f3a0-4d6d-81fd-d03d9e5a9614_1024x1024 HW_Rifle_Rosa_Hunter_Room_Web_1024x1024 HW_Rifle_Rosa_Indigo_Detail_Web_e80317cf-4e87-48df-b26e-63cae8aa56fc_1024x1024 HW_Rifle_Rosa_Persimmon_Detail_Web_1024x1024 HW_Rifle_Safari_Blush_Detail_Web_1024x1024 HW_Rifle_Safari_Hunter_Detail_Web_1024x1024 HW_Rifle_Safari_SkyBlue_Room_Web_1024x1024

You can purchase the wallpaper directly from Rifle Paper Co. or Hygge and West. H&W does allow purchase of samples for $5 which is extremely helpful when picking out wallpaper, especially investment styles like these.

I love that safari print for a nursery, and the city guide design would look so great in a snazzy bar, but my personal favorite is the blue pineapple print. What about you, any favorites? If you’re planning to purchase, please tell me so I can follow along and see pictures and be green with envy!

2 thoughts on “rifle paper co wallpaper

  1. Oh my, this is all so pretty! We did wallpaper in our last place and loved it… these make me consider again!

    I hope you feel better! I’m sick too :( Sinus/ear infection- sucks… I thought the season for sickness was winter?

  2. THESE ARE AWESOME! I Love them! They’re very cool, and not everyone is a fan of wallpaper, but these are so beautiful, how could you not love them!

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