holiday decorating for small spaces

Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_1 copy I live in my townhouse with three of my best friends. Yep, there are four of us in this little townhouse, which means space is limited. While we have yet to get our Christmas tree and decorate the main floor, I took to decorating my bedroom this weekend.

Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_2Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_5Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_4  I really try not to go too crazy on budget for decorating. This year, the only thing I purchased was this mini sparkly Christmas tree from Trader Joe’s. Everything else has been accumulated over the years, usually picked up at after-holiday sales.

Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_3
   My bedroom is where I sleep and live, but also where I work on the blog, so a lot happens in this space. I wanted to bring in the holiday cheer without overwhelming it.Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_8Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_9Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_10Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_12 Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_11 Thanks to the ever-talented Chelsea of Oh My Deer, I got this advent calendar for my wall. {head to her site for the printable, it’s not too late to start!} You can’t see it here, but I sprayed a coat of glitter on it, then taped it to the wall with washi tape. I love having this right next to my bed in the morning : )

Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_14Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_16 Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_15 Seriously I love garland. I picked up a bunch of rolls a few years ago post-Christmas, and it makes all the difference. Plus, you can make mini wreaths with it! These little guys took me less than 5 minutes, and I love the look with the baskets. Can I keep them year round?Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_17 I love this little guy. If you remember, I used him as acenterpiece for an autumn brunch, and now he sits perfectly on my bookshelf-with added lights of course : )Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_17Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_18 No fireplace in your room? No matter. A dresser can make a perfect mantle. And who says I can’t hang my ornaments on my fake tree?Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_19Ornaments on antlers-I swoon. ps- Do you spy Buddha Beau in his Santa costume?

Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces_21 copy

I cannot wait until the day I have a cozy house to decorate, but for now, I am pretty happy with my holiday bedroom : )






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