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After weeks of Pinning, planning, and living in various guest rooms, we finally moved into our new house this weekend. Let me tell you, we had grand dreams of painting the whole place, buying a new couch, and making things “livable” over the four-day weekend. HAH! It’s laughable to think at the progress I thought we would have made. Here’s a mini update peppered in with some iPhone photos.



We did paint. Some rooms. I wanted the whole house white. Josh didn’t even want to paint. So we compromised. It’s not really that fair to say we compromised considering these “colors” are almost white. The grey is Behr Manhattan Mist, blue is Behr Mineral Water, and that pretty shade of white is Behr Ultra Pure White. We tackled our bedroom, living room, kitchen, and half the bathroom before we ran out of stamina and paint. Still left on our list is finishing up the bathroom, the hallway, my office, and sadly, the trim and ceiling really need a fresh coat too.


The only room that is actually livable is our bedroom, but oh boy it makes me so happy. This blue is so peaceful, I love waking up here. (Don’t mind my moving bruises…)



On Saturday we took a break from painting to explore the neighborhood. I can’t stop thinking about how lucky we got with this place. Our only hesitation about this house was the location, but unexpectedly, the location is one of it’s biggest perks! We discovered this awesome park walking distance away. Plus, we can easily walk to bars, restaurants, a wonderful coffee shop, AND Morelli’s ice cream (we walked there twice this weekend, a clear indication I will never be bikini ready this summer ;) )



Just in time for Memorial Day, we put up our pretty American flag. Even though we have laundry lists of things to do inside the house, little details like putting this flag up or planting a tomato plant made a huge difference in making it our “home.”

20140527-122825-44905515.jpgUgh I love this neighborhood so much. How great is this mural outside our coffee shop? Have I mentioned- I CAN WALK TO MY COFFEE SHOP!


We took a lot  of breaks out on this porch, it’s so beautiful out here. Last night, we ate dinner on the porch, and we listened to the cicadas and watched the fireflies out in the front yard.

I really feel like the luckiest.



4 thoughts on “first weekend home

  1. How cute is your place! I can’t wait to see more photos as you get settled… painting is such a process, I couldn’t believe how much time and money (seriously, so much money) it has taken to paint our place. Love the bright colours you chose! We had a light blue in our last bedroom and it really is such a happy colour.

    1. Ugh I know! We didn’t realize what a huge drop in the bucket it would be to paint this whole house. It broke my heart when I realized we needed to paint the trim and ceilings too. Gosh, money aside, the time and energy it takes is so draining. I know it’s so worth it in the end, that’s why I always forget how much painting sucks until I’m doing it again haha!

  2. I really love the house! It looks so comfy and cute! I can’t wait to see what else you do with the place! I love decorating and I enjoy seeing how other people do their homes. You really picked a nice place! Congrats!

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