DIY Christmas Ornaments

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Every year, I participate in the Southern Weddings ornament exchange. I love the excitement of crafting a new ornament every year and finding four new ones in my mailbox. They have been one of my favorite additions to my Christmas tree year after year.

Lately, I  have been itching to play around with gold foil, so I created this easy DIY ornament. I promise, I mean easy when I say easy. Just a little bit of spray paint, gold foil, and some mason jar lids, and you’re set!

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Gold Spray Paint

Black or Chalkboard Spray Paint (I went with Chalkboard because I love the matte finish, but it’s up to you. You can even switch up the colors to say green and red!)

Mason Jar Lids

Gold Foil

Gold Foil Adhesive Pen

Metal Hole Punch


Hot Glue


1. Spray paint your mason jar lids. I spray painted the rim gold and the backing black.

2. Once dry, use the gold foil adhesive pen to write your favorite Christmas saying or your monogram. I was torn between writing “merry” or a monogram, but I stuck with the latter. It’s always nice to see a personalized ornament!

3. Place gold foil over the adhesive and brush away extra with fine brush

4. Use a hole punch to put a hole to hang

5. Add ribbon and hang on your tree!

DIY Ornaments_3

We don’t have a big tree up in the house this year, but I picked up this sparkly mini tree at Trader Joe’s for my desk. I think he’s pretty fancy :)

I’m so excited for the ladies on my list to get theirs in the mail!

Do you participate in the SW ornament exchange or anything similar? Do you craft your own ornaments? I’d love to hear if you try your hand at this DIY!


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