Bar Cart Inspiration

I am so giddy about the recent revitalization of bar carts in the modern home. They are a great compromise between classy & fun, and in my opinion, the perfect way to add some personality to your dining or living room.

Ever since we moved into our townhouse over a year ago, I’ve been talking about how I’m going to update an old bookshelf into a bar cart, but I’ve never made the jump. After oggling over bar cart inspiration for too long to admit, I’m finally ready to bite the bullet & make some moves.

To start out, I want to share my inspiration (& y’all-there was a LOT to choose from!)

GlitterGuide_DevonDyer Decorista TheLifestyledBlog SugarandCloth KimberlyLewisHome SMP


1:: Devon Dyer Home Tour via The Glitter Guide  /// 2:: Decorista /// 3:: The Lifestyled Blog /// 4:: Sugar and Cloth  /// 5:: Kimberly Lewis Home /// 6::: Style Me Pretty

The details I love most are a combination of shine (preferably gold) and bright details. The problem with my inspiration is that they are all actual bar cars, whereas I am revamping a bookshelf. I’d ideally like to find a way to paint the wood gold, but I have never been able to find a good gold paint for wood.

Do y’all have any ideas? Do you have a bar cart in your home?