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Today, let’s talk about art. Mostly because Josh won’t talk to me about it any more. We are so stumped on what art to hang on our living room wall. Abstract? Watercolor? An illustration? Photography? Oh gosh, and don’t get me started on wreaths or antlers.

Okay, so here is what we’re looking at so far. The living room is the first room you walk into, so I want the room to look pretty clean. As you can see below, we don’t have a lot of color in here yet. Thinking we’ll add some deep blues to balance everything out. So what we’re looking for is something to place over the fire place. It’s a white brick fireplace, but ends at the mantel, not straight to the ceiling.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 8.25.40 AM

Okay, so here are a few pieces I’m looking at.

BrissBassAbstract BrittBassArt

Of course I through Brit Bass in the mix. Gosh, she is so darn talented and right in my backyard. Honestly, I’m pretty sold on her work, but Josh isn’t crazy about abstract in this space. I don’t think he’s crazy about abstract anywhere…


We actually both agree on how awesome this Moby Dick painting is. Don’t you? But is it too dark for this space? I can’t decide.



West Elm Painting

The one thing we can agree on is water. The imagery and colors of water are perfect for this space, but in what form? Photograph of a high diver? Watercolor of the ocean? Watercolor of surfers?

Here is where I need your advice. What art should we put above our fireplace? Any of the above? Something I’m not thinking of? Should we go simple and do the antlers route? Switch it up with a mini gallery wall to combine a few elements?

6 thoughts on “artful walls

  1. Art is so hard- brings out all my design commitment issues! :) But I love how your first print looks with the surfers watercolor. Maybe you could do one above the fireplace and the other somewhere else in the room. (And is the tree basket from target? I’ve been drooling over their collection!) xo!

    1. Right? Like you have to invest in art, so it isn’t something you can just repaint or reupholster or spray paint gold.

      And yes-it’s from Target! Nate Berkus is the best. I’m thinking about picking up a basket from Home Goods and doing a little DIY version.

  2. Loving the picks you’ve made so far! This house could never do a white rug so I’m a little envious (and love the dipped planter) but I adore that moby dick painting. My hubby would jump at that one. I tend to stick to prints and photographs (or DIY) mostly for the price tag… unless I’m so in love with it, I just can’t pull the trigger!

    1. You know that’s such a good point. We really shouldn’t invest until we know we’re sure. We are both so wishy-washy with our options, we should do something low-budget for the temporary, and invest when it feels right.

      Thanks for your advice, I needed that point of view :)

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